Plan B Generation

It’s no secret that the younger generations of today are portrayed by society as lazy and ignorant. Most of us don’t want to work hard for anything, because the reality is, we don’t have to. Our culture is arranged in such a way that everything is so easily accessible. I cannot tell you the last time I physically checked out a book from the library, because every single novel that can be found on the shelves can also effortlessly be located online. If you don’t know how to get to a certain location, no need to stop and ask for directions, because we all have a GPS system conveniently programmed into our phones. Growing up with this constant mindset of instant gratification has undoubtedly hindered our ability to work hard. Yes, I said it. Technology is awesome, and I am completely behind innovation to improve our everyday lives, however, the evident truth is that this generation relies so heavily on everything being at our fingertips, that many of us are trapped in a cushy cycle of laziness. A huge contribution to this overall “who cares” attitude resounding in the hearts of young people is not solely technology or even convenience, but the fact that we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, without any real consequences. One major setback that has manifested itself in our generation resides in the classrooms of schools, starting from education levels as early as kindergarten. Here’s the rundown: School, in an ideal world, would teach young people not just information, but kindle a thirst for knowledge and more importantly understanding in the hearts of children. But that’s the thing. In most public education systems, school is not centered around loving to learn; it is about passing as many kids as possible onto the next grade. If you don’t pass a grade, it’s all peachy, because you just get to retake that grade. And if you don’t pass again, even worse, you might just get passed through, completely not ready to do so, just to keep the numbers moving through the system. I completely understand that there are children that struggle with learning disabilities that may need to repeat a grade, and I recognize that the structure of education can aid children that do truly need help. However, the reality is that so many kids can just lean on the system to pass them through, all the while creating habits of laziness at such a young and impressionable age. There are no true consequences for the actions of kids that do not try in school, and therefore they establish the mindset early in life that it’s okay to mess up over and over again, because there will always be a backup plan to help you in the end. If this early-established faulty mindset of children was not enough to create a lazy generation, there is more! Much more! Once youngsters become adolescents and begin to experiment with sex, even more opportunities to rely on “backup plans” are presented. If you don’t use a condom, it’s okay, because there are birth control pills! If you don’t take birth control, it’s okay, because there are Plan B pills! And if you don’t take a Plan B pill, it’s okay, because there is Planned Parenthood! Whatever happened to people being held responsible for their actions? I am not saying sex is bad, and I’m not going to side on the best way for prevention of a child, but seriously? It’s like we can just do whatever we want, and if you mess up, it’s okay, because there will always be a way to save yourself from the consequences of your actions. I could go on and on about other areas of life in which a plan B and C and D are presented at our fingertips, from paying rent late to piling up credit card debt with more credit card debt. The good news is there is hope. Many of us young people repeatedly rise above the standards of laziness that this world and cultural convenience has placed on us. Some of us have figured out that relying on the system to get you through life is no way to live; in fact, it is not living at all. I see this rebellious fire against the social norm in many of my friends. I know so many individuals my age that are starting their own businesses, participating in innovative research, and networking all around the world. These are the young people that are not lazy, and that push through the expectation of “getting by” in life. There are young people that understand what it truly means to work hard. It is these individuals that give me confidence in the future outcomes of our generation. However, it is frightening and worrisome how many of us simply do not care.


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