College: An Unpopular Take on What’s Popular

There are always so many ideas and perceptions you have in your head before coming to college as to what it’s going to be like. Movies and social media are really the only windows of insight you have access to before entering the world of baboonery. You hear about the wild spring breaks, the beer bongs, the tailgating, and the plethora of frat parties. I always had this perception of college, that there is a certain culture you have to be a part of. In the movies, the cool thing to do is to get wasted, party every weekend, look for the next hookup, and repeat. But the reality is, that lifestyle is so empty and will leave you broken. The ‘college way’ of fun leaves you hungover and hating your life, worrying about STDs, and wishing there was a re-do button for it all.

To me, getting wasted isn’t the way to live life to the fullest. Do what you love to do when you come to college. Maybe you do love to drink with your friends. And that’s okay, if that’s what you truly want to do for your college experience. But don’t feel like you have to keep getting smashed over and over again to try and reach a new level of fun (or alcohol poisoning) just because it’s what everyone else is doing. I was told before coming to college that this was going to be the greatest time of my life (and it really has been). Since when does forgetting everything you did each night become the greatest time of your life? I wanna remember the best times of my life with the people I love. Not waste away, destroy my liver, and end up with diseases from randoms that don’t care about my

College is about finding yourself and realizing who you want to become in this world. It is definitely a time of trial and error, of figuring out your limits, and of gaining some kind of sense of identity. But this doesn’t mean your identity has to be like everyone else’s. Whenever I get told, “You never come out anymore,” or, “You went MIA,” I just kind of smile. That’s alright with me. I’ve just been working on myself, raising my baby kitten Leche (the joy of my life), and just doing what I want to do lately. I don’t need to prove to anyone that I can party the hardest. I honestly have the most fun just doing my own thing, dancing on my way to classes, or painting while watching the sunset. You can find things that you enjoy without having to fit the ‘college lifestyle.’ Just because it’s the ‘culture’ doesn’t mean you have to be a part of it. Make your own culture. Create your own path, and discover what you enjoy doing. It is your college experience. I wish someone would have told me this before I came to college. But I guess sometimes it takes pretending to be someone you’re not to discover who you truly are.



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