Your Greatest Secret Weapon

We are the different ones. The ones that can’t seem to go with the flow. From point A to B there are exponential paths of travel, but why are we all so set on following that one same path? When I was a young girl I never did anything like anyone else, nor did I have the desire to fit in. At recess, I enjoyed making up plays, songs, and doing art projects with my friends instead of playing sports. In class, I was never the smartest student. However, you could bet that I always came up with a creative method to obtain the answer. After all, who made up rules anyway?

As a college student, society really makes you feel like if you’re not going to be an engineer or a doctor, then you’re not smart. But that’s not necessarily true. Anyone can memorize equations or material for a test. But how many of us can think on our toes when we need to? Or come up with a new way to solve an ordinary problem in life? We always have our creative thinking and unique problem solving methods to fuel our everyday choices and approach to career paths. We have wasted our entire lives and brain space cramming and regurgitating information that can be looked up on Google in two seconds. Anyone is capable of doing this, yet we focus our entire education system around this kind of brain activity. A focus on creative problem solving and applying your imagination to the world is what will change it. Not just doing what everyone else does—because that’s how everyone has always done it.

I know this isn’t new stuff I’m talking about here, but it’s important stuff that we so easily forget, that I so easily forget when I’m all wrapped up in cramming for the next exam. We can’t forget to stimulate our creative minds daily, because this is just as important if not more important than attempting to memorize random facts. I’m not saying I’m against learning. I love learning new information; it’s like food for my brain. However, I am against the notion that we have to follow a set of rules to be successful in this world. Every person that has changed the world in an incredible way began with that one creative thought that blew up into a completely new way of doing something.

Your unique brain might stimulate a path that no one else on the planet has ever thought of. Don’t underestimate the power of your own creativity. I think about self-identity and individuality a lot. What makes each of us unique from the other 7 billion people on this planet? And creative expression is one of the few things I can think of that differentiates us as individuals. We all work hard at a job and/or school, we all have hobbies, we all cook, we all clean, we all care for the ones we love. But the methods by which you perform tasks and approach problems is so unique to you; never forget this incredible power that you possess.

If you have an idea or a creative project or words that need to be expressed, my hope is that you will fulfill your imagination by making your ideas a reality. So many times I am afraid of starting a new creative project. What if it’s not good enough? What if no one cares? What if it’s not original? But none of those things really matter. What matters is you morphing the ideas in your head onto paper, canvas, a computer screen, a company, or anything in between. Revealing your innermost thoughts and ideas and making them a reality is something that we as humans have the privilege of doing. Never underestimate the power of your unique, creative mind. And remember, everything that has changed the world once started as an idea.


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