Primitive Expression

To create is one of our most primitive forms of expression. At least from what I’ve experienced, we as humans possess an innate desire to make something new, and very often. This process can manifest itself in different ways for everyone. From cooking to creating pottery to making music to painting to dancing to writing to finding a new way to perform that one task at work that just really irks you to hear people say, “Well, it’s always been done like this, and that’s how it’s always gonna be”, we all can relate to this human need.

I am forever grateful to my mother for instilling art in us kids at such a young age, because I was able to take part in this process of creation and open up those little brain waves to a whole new world. To create anything from raw materials is undeniably one of the most powerful feelings in this life. And this leads me to another similar subject on one of the most powerful feelings in the world….

I once was casually chatting with a friend at work about the existence of God. I was discussing how as humans we are so limited in that we can’t create something from nothing. My friend stopped me in my tracks and expressed something I will never forget. “Sex,” he said. “We can create new life from sex.” I had never truly thought about how powerful this concept was. The idea that as one of the many forms of life we also possess the power to create something so miraculously beautiful such as new life is so completely mind-blowing.

Part of the reason I had never truly thought about this is because I myself have never had kids. But I think another reason is that because sex is something that has become so common in our society. It’s like we have become so completely numb to the powerful nature of what sex really is. I would most likely guess because it’s sold basically everywhere: in songs, commercials, in movies, porn, etc. Society has dumbed down one of the most incredible acts of existence down to nothing, and that is super depressing in itself.

But anyway, could it be that this innate desire in us all to create things actually stems from a biological part of who we are? After all, the number one need of All life, including plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, and humans, is to survive and reproduce.

And to add, the fact that creation itself is so incredibly beautiful naturally is one of the greatest gifts of life. Just sitting still in nature and looking around you is one of the most breathtaking things you can do with your time. All the patterns and sounds and feelings you get from just observing life on the surface…. something completely indescribable. Furthermore, studying this stuff on a molecular level and seeing how complex all of life is will completely blow your brains out. What better way to feel so completely out of this world than to study the nature of our existence? Could it be that we better understand the nature of our reality by the process of creating itself, be it procreating, singing, dancing, etc.?

How blessed are we as humans to be able to express this innate desire to create new in an infinite number of ways? So, all of this is to say that if you feel like you aren’t creative, go ahead and throw that mentality out the window. We were born to create. This doesn’t mean we are all called to quit our jobs to make art for a living (although that doesn’t sound like a bad idea 😉 ). But if we can all make a conscious effort to create something new each day, even if it’s a little doodle for 10 minutes, I promise you will feel so in tune to yourself and to the universe. Watch as your limitless ideas unfold into beautiful pieces of art, manifested into any medium imaginable. Our imagination is one of the most limitless components of our human existence (I’m sure animals and plants have imagination too, I just can’t speak for them, because I am a human). Creation has and always will be the best medicine. Integrate it into part of your lifestyle, and I promise you will never feel so incredibly connected to the idea that anything in this life is possible.

Create the world you imagine.create the world you imagine


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