The Jump

I struggle daily with the nemesis of procrastination. I harbor in the crevices of my mind deceitful judgments that shape the infringing notion that “I’m not ready.” But seriously, when will I be more ready? Is there really a more fruitful time to do that which you’ve been longing for your whole life, for the past month, for the past hour? My thoughts consistently frolic in the endless field of excuses. Well, I can’t get to that today because of these other seemingly pressing matters. But the truth is, we are only trapped when we allow ourselves to be…the cringing darkness that surrounds the idea that we aren’t good enough, is just that…an idea. What’s the hurt in taking that first jump?

There is no ‘perfect’ time for your story…the only time is the perfect time, so why worry, and why not just start? Stop waiting for the ‘right’ day to start that project, to get a new job, to start eating better. Everything in this life is imminently temporary, so seizing every opportunity each day is imperative. I get so caught up in what is to come and forget to realize and appreciate what I am able to do today. Life is a miraculous gift to be cherished each step of the way; it starts with acting upon the blessing of existence today.

Remember to take care of yourself throughout your voyage…not just at the end, or when I’m ________ (Insert time where you think you’re more worthy for self-love). But why not now? You are so worthy of love and care wherever you are in this moment, mentally, spiritually, and physically. How can you possibly show up as a positive force in the universe when you aren’t tending to your own care first?

When is the last time you vocalized positive words to yourself? When is the last time you spoke good energy into someone else’s life? Our words and energies that we emit remain astoundingly powerful…what if you declared positivity into the life of each human that you met? How might this impact their day, their week, or even their life? Being ‘destined’ for greatness also means having a great impact along the way. Never underestimate the power of little actions and vibes in each individual moment…every step of our path is meaningful in its own season and perfect timing. I once had the pleasant gift of a dream where an old friend visited me. I expressed to her, “I just feel like I’m wandering aimlessly around this place. I just feel so…purposeless”. She responded, “It’s not about that. It’s about showing love through the little actions each and every day.”

Yesterday I went out on a limb and attended an open-movement dance class. I don’t know why I ever stopped pursuing dance, but this class was one of the most healing and life-changing movement experiences I’ve ever encountered. All ages of souls from many different backgrounds came together and told a story, without speaking a single word. We laughed and cried as we painted the air with our bodies. Why hadn’t I danced in so long, when I’ve always known the joy that stems from this creative release? If you know what is good for your soul, what is good for your body, then go do it. You already know what you need. Listen to your body and listen to what you need each and every moment. Allow this mindful practice to guide your path, and see how it can transform your life.


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