Food, Health, and Listening to Your Body

Lately my resonating life mantra sings, “It’s my body, and I decide what goes in it.” Easier said than done, right? With so many influences from all sides trying to sell what’s “best” for you, how can you possibly decide for yourself?

This idea of intuitive health is something that was never taught to me, nor is it taught to anyone. I think something that is not really talked about is listening to that little voice in your head. If it could be dangerous, then why would I even consider putting it in my body in the first place? Does this substance/product come from the earth? The FDA releases substances all the time that are not safe in the least bit. People die from cigarettes, alcohol, unhealthy foods, and pharmaceuticals every single day, all of which are completely legal substances. Is that not a wake-up call to anyone?  

The first and most obvious subject that intuitive health applies to is food. We have become so far removed from what is real food and what is not real food. I could go on about food forever, but seriously, just because it is on the shelves does not make it safe in any way. Even if the product says “gluten free”, “vegan”, and “GMO-free”, it may still contain 30 grams of sugar. It’s all about using common sense over buying into marketing strategies. I encourage you to do your own research and investigations about the link between our foods and chronic disease. In summary, eating real food is a great place to start health-wise. Studies reveal that plant-based diets are found in the “blue zones”, or the healthiest areas in the world. But, this is where the intuitive eating thing really comes into play. If you are really craving a steak, maybe your body needs those nutrients that day. You’re a lot smarter than you think you are! Furthermore, before you buy something from the store, really ask yourself, is this a real food? Nine times out of ten, it is probably not. Unfortunately we live in a time where we are forced to become our own health advocates, because our government and health providers have failed to do so.

Which leads me directly into the next topic of intuitive health: drugs. And I’m not talking about street drugs here; I’m talking about the legal ones prescribed by your doctor. It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industries are in bed with healthcare providers. With Big Pharma becoming a trillion-dollar worldwide industry this year, the influence of pharmaceuticals on our health is at an all-time high. Again, this goes back to the intuitive health thing. Is what I’m putting in my body from the earth? Is this substance potentially dangerous? Are there more holistic ways to go about healing myself, looking at the source of the problem rather than attempting to cover up the symptoms? Working in natural healthcare for the past few years has opened my eyes to the horror of the conventional healthcare system. People are leaving their doctors even more broken than when they arrived, as conventional providers are only trained on drugs and surgeries, with less than 7 hours of nutrition education. All in all, the take-home here is that you must be your own health advocate in today’s time. Do not make the mistake of trusting the people that are not trained on the root cause of your disease. Pills only address symptoms, which are not an effective way to tackle chronic disease. The people have spoken, and they are pissed. I truly believe that a revolution has begun, and I am so grateful to serve as a tiny part of the education equation in the movement.

Common sense is truly not always common practice. When there is a little voice in your head telling you that it just doesn’t seem right, it is your job to listen to that. Do your own research, and decide for yourself what is best for your body. While this practice is way easier said than done, it is better to be safe than sorry. Because your health is your life, and it is up to you, not your doctor, to take delicate care of your earthly vessel.


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